Radio communication interfaces
Wireless M-Bus modem
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Wireless M-Bus modem. Wireless M-Bus AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) plug-and-play modems automatically collect energy data from water and gas meters. 100% compatible with the Wireless M-Bus standard (EN13757-3 and EN13757-4), device open protocols ensure full interoperability with other Wireless M-Bus products on the market. ARF868 radio modem. ARF868 radio modems convert data from a serial link into a radio frame to send to a similar device in the frequency range 863- 870 MHz. The power and sensitivity allow the data to be transmitted over distances of up to 20 km. Advantages


Wireless M-Bus modems
Battery life
• Runs on battery for up to 12 years.

Long range
• Up to 1 km. Range can be increased by installing repeaters.

Ease of installation
• Factory pre-programmed
• Quick installation.
• Robust IP65.

2 pulse inputs
• A single transmitter can handle two meters.
• Compatible with all water and gas meters.

ARF868 radio modem
Sensitivity, transmission/reception quality
• Power 25 mW or 500 mW at 868 MHz.
• Licence-free frequencies on European bands (863 — 870 MHz) or frequencies subject to license (410 — 470 MHz).

Ease of installation
• Quick installation
• User-friendly and configuration with intuitive software
• The product can be configured as a transmitter, receiver or repeater.

Long range
• 1 to 20 km.

Several types of communication
• RS232, RS485 or USB serial port.

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